Hello! I’m Christine Holland- a data analyst, mom and wife trying to make it a little easier for me to track my progress as I take on #100DaysOfCode and #100DaysOfFitness challenges… so I decided to start this blog! I was previously keeping track of these challenges at different sites, but will blog about both here instead.

The Bit Of X blog title is partly a nod to #100DaysOfX (where #100DaysOfFitness comes from). I also wanted to incorporate the word “bit” in the title because it can represent either a little amount of something or the smallest unit of computer data. While the computer reference ties in perfectly with the parts in my blog about my #100DaysOfCode progress, it’s actually the first definition - “a little amount of something” - that is more meaningful to me. Because whether it’s learning to code or having a more varied fitness routine, positive change can be brought about by taking small steps towards your goals.

I hope to continue updating this blog even after I complete my #100DaysOfCode and #100DaysOfFitness challenges. I think my blog can be a motivation tool for me. It would be a great way to explore various interests and improve multiple areas in my life. I can use this blog to help me get back to rock painting (which I love!), read more, go to bed earlier, etc.

More Information

Below were the logs I was previously updating:

The header profile photo is by phil sheldon ABIPP on Unsplash. I cropped the original Unsplash photo using Microsoft Paint and then optimized it with Jpeg.io.

Here are a couple of cheat sheets I refer to when working on this blog:

Finally, I wouldn’t have been able to create this blog if it wasn’t for Barry Clark’s fabulous guide at Smashing Magazine. Thank you so much Barry!!! :smiley: