First Blog

Building my first blog site was on my list of things I to do, but I didn’t think I would get around to it until later… like after completing Brad Schiff’s JavaScript course on Udemy. Fortunately, Barry Clark made it super easy for me to publish this blog today with his awesome guide at Smashing Magazine. Now instead of trying to track my #100DaysOfCode progress here and my #100DaysOfFitness progress there, I can finally blog about both on this site. Hopefully, updating only this site will help me Tweet about how I’m doing with these challenges on a daily basis.

So, to get up to speed with how I’ve been doing with the #100DaysOfCode challenge:

While I haven’t recently posted any updates on my #100DaysOfFitness challenge, I’ve still been physically active:

  • Some highlights from Days 18 - 89 (September 22 - December 2, 2019):
    • Got around to trying and been happily using my new pair of Brooks Ghost 11 running shoes
    • Been walking a lot more now that my new job is located far from places to eat and parking
    • Been steadily increasing my jogging distance as well; currently up to 2.5 miles
    • Downloaded a pedometer app on my phone to track increased walking and jogging
    • Did yoga on some of the days by mainly following a 5-minute morning routine by Yoga by Candace; managed to change up yoga routine once by following a Yoga With Bird video
    • Continued training in mixed martial arts (MMA) 1 to 2 times a week; nervously performed Palgwe Form 2 for the first time in front of other students at my dojo; and recently started weapons training using kamas
  • Days 1 - 17 of this challenge can be found at my old #100DaysOfFitness log.

Admittedly, I haven’t been following the two main rules of these 100-day challenges which are to code or engage in fitness activites for at least an hour every day and then Tweet about it. I’ll just keep doing the best that I can and plug along.

Written on December 2, 2019