Better Me

In December 2019, I completed both the #100DaysOfCode and #100DaysOfFitness challenges on Twitter! :smiley: As the names of these challenges suggest, the objectives were to code and do fitness activities everyday for 100 days. You can learn more about these challenges by checking out these links:

Participating in these challenges were great experiences for me. I highly recommend giving them a try, especially if there’s an area in your life you’d like to improve.

Here are some of the positive things I got out of #100DaysOfCode:

I started #100DaysOfFitness only a few days after I committed to #100DaysOfCode and benefitted from the second challenge in these ways:

There were also overall rewards that I gained from both #100DaysOfCode and #100DaysOfFitness:

  • I got to experiment with new things and, at times, even push myself outside my comfort zone.
  • I wrote more and in various places:
  • I felt supported on Twitter and I got to cheer on others who were doing the same challenges.
  • I was determined to keep moving forward and finish what I started.

I can do additional rounds of #100DaysOfCode and #100DaysOfFitness, but, for now, I think I prefer to blog about my progress in both coding and fitness outside of the 100-day challenge construct. The 100-day challenges were the jump starts I needed though to help in my journey towards a better me :muscle:

Written on January 21, 2020